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If you belong to professional community of engineers, economists, lawyers and/or you are part of private, government or a civil society organization that want to enhance decision making based on facts and evidences this is right place for you-Join us.

The Society is organized according to Bosnia law on non profit basis and volunteers are the heart of this organization.

Membership is open to all engaged in M&E practice or theory, to all who conduct, use, order or have intention to learn more about monitoring and evaluation practice.


Evaluation Society in

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Name of the recipient: Udruzenje evaluatora u BiH

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Invitation for 4th Regional Conference of Evaluators in the Balkans region

“Reflecting the practice of evaluation”

Brief Description 

The 4th Regional Conference is organized by WBEN – Western Balkans Evaluation Network as a regional network that makes efforts to promote evaluation concept and raise evaluation culture in the Balkans region. Conferences are organized bi-annually since 2015. The history of the conference started in Sarajevo 2015, followed in Zagreb 2017 and the last one in Belgrade 2019.  It is usually taking place in October or November. 

This year it will be taking place on Wednesday, 24th of November 2021, in Skopje, North Macedonia. Due to Covid-19 situation and the uncertainties to travel, the conference will be organized online, using ZOOM Platform. 

The Macedonian Evaluation Network (MEN), Management Consulting Association (MCA 2000) and University of Tourism and Management Skopje – Institute of Business and Management (UTMS/IBM) are this year the hosts of the conference in close collaboration with all the members of WBEN. The conference will be a one-day event, bringing together professionals in evaluation, relevant government officials, international organizations, academics, civil society representatives and other stakeholders from across Balkans, Europe and beyond that strive to enhance and promote the use of evaluation and its development as a discipline and a profession. The programme of the conference will comprise plenary, panel and group discussions on a range of priority issues, with the aim of achieving consensus around important topics. 

Hosted by: MEN; MCA 2000 & UTMS (IBM)

When:  24 November 2021 

Where: Skopje, North Macedonia (ZOOM PLATFORM)

For whom (target): The event will bring together key actors from across Balkans, EU and beyond, responsible for monitoring and evaluation and those interested to learn about M&E.  

Goal of the conference: Is to enhance and strengthen the existing institutional network of evaluators in the region and beyond and to develop common principles and a regional agenda for identifying priorities, addressing challenges and taking action in regards to evaluation as a discipline and profession.

Western Balkan Evaluators Net.

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